Dedicating to becoming the world's top and excellent ultrasonic flowmeter manufacturer and supplier.
Let the liquid measurement become the easiest, let the whole process of liquid measurement become enjoyment.
Pioneering and innovative, coursageous.
Basing on the industry reality, taking customer needs as where our work’s start. Being concentrated, pioneering and open to achieve win-win.

Suncent Technology Co., Ltd. is focusing in the field of ultrasonic flowmeters and with nearly 30 years of relevant engineering experience. Keeping concentrating on the development of industrial, commercial, and civilian flow measurement technology and the needs of customers. Suncent has vast case experience in the following application industries: tap water, water treatment, central air conditioning, HVAC, underfloor heating engineering, cleaning machine, chemical industry, farmland irrigation, aquaculture, hydroelectric power plant, aerospace, port, shipping, fuel and others.

Suncent’s advanced self-research, self-designed full range of ultrasonic flowmeters and energy meters are a new generation of liquid flow measuring instrument with new appearance, new functions and super-human installation and use experience combined with years of experience and customer feedback. When it is listed, it has won unanimous praise from customers, regardless of the experience in the installation and measurement of the instrument, or the professional presentation of the accuracy and stability of the instrument itself, which can best meet the needs of customers!