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P8 Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Product description

P8 is a high-precision portable clamp-on type ultrasonic flowmeter , which can be viewed in real time when hand-holding and supports various flow measurement environments.

· Improved design of magnetic mounting rail, easy-to-adjust fixed hook and separate sensor
· Super easy to install and measure: very light and effortless; adjustment and worry-free
· On-site configuration, no need to worry about pipe cutting and downtime
· The highest performance, suitable for a variety of pipe diameters and pipe materials, accurate, stable and reliable
· Built-in high-performance lithium battery can be used for up to 16 hours
· The fully functional suitcase is light and easy to carry

Product introduction & installation

Product Details

Model: P8 Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Flow range: 0
±40 ft/s (0±12 m/s)
Accuracy: ±0.5%
Repeatability: 0.15%
Pipe size: 25mm to 5000mm( 1" to 200")
Pipe material: stainless steel / carbon steel / copper / zinc-alloy / plastic(PVC, PVDF, PPR, PPH, HDPE, etc) etc
Analog output: 4
20mA (max load 750Ω)
Power supply: Built-in lithium battery (16 hours continuous use)

Cable length: 10.0m(standard)

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