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Water Industry

Water plants are usually carried by large pipes, and the corresponding large-diameter electromagnetic induction flowmeters are expensive and complicated to install. In addition, magnetic flowmeters often display inaccurate readings, because conductive materials from groundwater will settle in the water electrodes, resulting in lower measurement readings than they actually are.
SUNCENT ultrasonic flowmeter is not only cheaper than the magnetic induction flowmeter when measuring the most common pipe sizes, but also can be refurbished during continuous operation without additional engineering and pipeline work. Accurate and wear-free flow measurement can achieve reliable flow control. Measure from the outside, not in direct contact with drinking water.

Sewage Treatment

With the continuous expansion of sewage treatment plants and stricter requirements for advanced wastewater treatment, more reliable ways to improve the pipeline system have become the greatest demand.
Most of the market uses electromagnetic induction flow meters. Because the medium is filled with a large amount of solid materials, these instruments are easily worn out, which affects reading errors and subsequent failures, and it takes time and labor to deal with.
SUNCENT ultrasonic flowmeter can choose an external clamp for measurement, which has no contact with the medium and no wear, so there is almost no maintenance. The entire measurement system is composed of the main body of the equipment and the ultrasonic sensor. It does not need to be broken into the pipeline for installation, there is no downtime, and there is no need for a large number of personnel or heavy equipment. It can be easily installed by one person.