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Buildings Cold and Heat Metering

Buildings Cold and Heat Metering Improve the energy efficiency of your building

Ultrasonic Thermal Meter is also called Energy Meter: it is used to measure and display the energy of where water flows through the heat exchange system to release or absorb cold and heat. The building's central air conditioning system (HVAC) uses an ultrasonic calorimeter, which is composed of a host plus a flow sensor and a temperature sensor. SUNCENT's ultrasonic calorimeter series draws on the experience and technology of similar international products, combined with years of actual field experience, and meets EU EN and domestic standards. SUNCENT's ultrasonic thermal meter series are used in the central air-conditioning system of buildings in the following locations: chiller chilled water outlet and return pipes, profit and loss pipes, water towers and individual areas on each floor. Using SUNCENT's ultrasonic thermal meter series can improve the energy efficiency of buildings: For building energy efficiency optimization, more efficient operation of HVAC equipment can significantly reduce building energy and operating costs. The improvement in the efficiency of building heating and cooling infrastructure meets the requirements for greener buildings in the environmental protection policies of many large cities and SMART CITY (for example, the BEC Regulations of the Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region). The metering of building heating and cooling systems has become more and more important, not only because of the need for environmental protection, but also because accurate BTU measurement of these can promote reasonable energy allocation and billing based on the amount of energy used. Regardless of the construction and transformation of new and old buildings, there are CLAMP-ON, INSERT and IN-LINE types sensors to choose from. SUNCENT's ultrasonic thermal meter series are ideal and applicable BTU meters. It is suitable for large, medium and small office buildings, skyscrapers, hospitals, libraries, museums, airports, sports venues, etc. and reliably provides 0.5% measurement accuracy performance. Related optional models: Universal multi-pipe diameter: SUNCENT EX6, SUNCENT EX8, SUNCENT ED8 Fixed small pipe diameter: SUNCENT EX3