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EX6 Central Heating Energy Mete
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EX6 is an energy meter that can realize two-way independent measurement of heat and cold

· Meet the needs of users in different regions. Do cold measurement in summer and heat measurement in winter.
· Apply the latest chip structure design to realize all-digital related technology and intelligent adaptive ultrasonic measurement technology, so that there are no moving parts, stable measurement, and simple daily maintenance.
· With independent flow measurement and temperature measurement circuits, which greatly improves the reliability of the overall measurement, the temperature measurement reaches the limit error of 0.02℃, and the overall performance is excellent.
· With a friendly menu interface, large-screen display, and four touch button operations, it is no longer difficult to use, and you can query the data of flow, temperature, heat, and cooling at any time, and you can also query on a daily, monthly, and annual basis.

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