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ED8 Four-Path Energy Meter
Product description

ED8 is a flow meter that can achieve bidirectional independent measurement of heat and cold

· Meet the needs of users in different regions. Do cold measurement in summer and heat measurement in winter.
· Using the latest core structure design, it has realized all-digital related technology and intelligent and self-adapted ultrasonic measurement technology, so that there are no moving parts, stable measurement, and simple maintenance.
· With unique flow measurement and temperature measurement circuits, it greatly improves the reliability of the overall measurement. The flow accuracy can reach 0.5%, and the temperature measurement can reach the limit error of 0.02℃. The overall performance is excellent.
· With a friendly menu interface, a 3.5-inch large screen display, and four touch buttons to operate, it is no longer difficult to use. You can query data on flow, temperature, heat, and cooling at any time, and you can also enter daily, monthly and yearly Query.

Product Details

Model: ED8
Flow range: 0~±12 m/s(0~±40 ft/s)
Accuracy: ±0.5%
Accurate of temperature: Matching error at 0.02℃
Accuracy of cooling: ±2.0%
Pipe size: 200mm to 5000mm(8" to 200")
Data storage: daily, monthly and annual
Outputs: Analog output: 0/4~20mA (max load 750Ω) Pulse output: 0~9999Hz, OCT, (min. and max. frequency is adjustable) Relay output: SPST, max 1Hz, (1A@125VAC or 2A@30VDC)
Communication: RS485, MODBUS
Power supply: 24-36V DC
Keypad: Four ful-touch buttons
Screen: 3.5" TFT LCD
Units: 480*320 display screen
Working temp.: transmiter: -40℃~60℃(-40℉~140℉); standard transducer: -40℃~80℃(-40℉~176℉)
RTD measuring temp.: 2℃-105℃(35.6℉~221℉)
Environment humidity: 0-95% relative humidity, without condensation

IP Grade: IP54